Longleaf, Far as the Eye Can See

Bill Finch, Beth Maynor Young, Rhett Johnson & John C. Hall Longlealf Cover















The story of longleaf is one of richness and restoration – from one of the greatest forests in the south that was decimated and is now being restored with the efforts of many, many partners. It is a beautiful story. The book was produced to support the efforts of the Longleaf Alliance.

You can watch this short video by Hunter Nichols and meet all the authors of Longleaf.

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Bill Finch


Bill Finch – writer and natural historian.

Rhett Johnson


Rhett Johnson – Wildlife biologist and co-founder of the Longleaf Alliance.









John Hall Color Photo


John C. Hall

Historian, geologist, writer.

John passed away in July of 2016 – we miss him deeply.





Beth Maynor Young





Beth Maynor Young – Land Sales and Conservation Photographer



Headwaters: A Journey on Alabama Rivers

Headwaters was a journey of love and passion for protecting rivers in Alabama. i watch as environmental groups work with exponential threats to these rich, diverse and beautiful rivers with a tremendous knowledge and integrity.

I made many river trips camping along the banks and rising early to catch the light. Beauty happens every day in Alabama along these rivers, I consider myself fortunate to have been there once to record it.

John Hall took these images and wrote a stunning narrative from his deep knowledge of geology, history and botany. You can oder copies of the book Here