• April 17, 2018 Celeberties in Paint Rock

Beautiful sites are so common in Paint Rock, you can almost for a moment forget how beautiful they are. But then another one slams you in the face: The falls at Honey Hollow are overflowing. It’s a cornucopia of water, a place where the energy of life springs right out of the rocks.


While Beth attended to our wounded mule and the public television crew had a field day shooting footage of the falls, David Lubertazzi from Harvard and  Doug Booher did what ant people do: They traveled an inch an hour looking for ants on the slopes of Honey Hollow.


Late in the day, we were joined by Doug Phillips, the host and series creator of Alabama Public Television’s Discovering Alabama. Doug recalled the days when he first engaged with this part of the world.


By the end of the day, thanks to the efforts of our hunting club members and nearby residents, we had vehicles to carry us around, and the wounded mule was delivered to the parking lot, fully repaired. There are good people living around this good place.

And Beth got to see in person the famous Clemmons tractor. It was almost as beautiful as that repaired mule, and one day we’ll have to tell you the story of this remarkable tractor, the remarkable man who helped create it, and how he helped make the Paint Rock Research Center possible.