• Cason Callaway Woodland Estate

7500 acres of land that has been part of the Callaway Estate since the 1930’s with a 38 acre lake and no structures, you have a blank slate. It would qualify for conservation easements or for wetlands and stream mitigation banking. Below are links with a lot more information.

topo_lake florence

Callaway Land

Cason Callaway Woodlands Estate




• Natural Bridge Longleaf Tract

Natural Bridge is one of the finest natural longleaf tracts there is on the Gulf Coast – all the biological pieces are in place except woodpeckers and indigo snakes. It is 3500 acres of fire maintained southern landscape – and it is for sale. It is 50 minutes from all the beaches on 30-A and 45 minutes to the airport. A unique place in a a very unique location.

Bill Finch wrote a management plan that describes the history and diversity.

Natural Bridge management plan single page

Gulf Creek Canyon – magical and protected

Gulf Creek Canyon is a magical place – and it is protected. You are part of the protection plan with a conservation easement that runs with the land. 165 acres in Saint Clair County on top of Chandler Mountain. You own the whole canyon….and there is a cabin on the property. More info here.


Gulf Creek Canyon

4000 pristine acres in Shelby County

It is amazing land of this caliber is left in Alabama much less in Shelby County. It is like going back to what Shelby County was like in the late 1800’s.

Wild Azaleas and White Oaks are dominate. Very pristine, only a few roads and a small lake. Take a look here.











4000 Pristines acres in Shelby County


Hatchet Creek Properties for sale

It is very rare to find 2300 acres for sale on both sides of Hatchet Creek with three sellers. It is one of the most exceptional tracts of land for sale in Alabama.

Click below to see the listings.

1320 acres on Hatchet Creek – Under Contract


247 Acres on Hatchet Creek


616 Acres on Hatchet Creek











Hatchet Creek – Coosa County